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Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The worldwide cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.22T, which is 0.43% down in the last 24 hours. The total crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours is $160.43B. Bitcoin dominance is at 45.03% and Ethereum dominance is at 17.58%. Crypto Net is now showing 11244 cryptocurrencies market data.

#NamePriceMarket CapAvailable SupplyVolume (24H)Change (24H)
101Radix XRD$0.0419$423.98M10.13B XRD$942.21K 4.33%
102OKC Token OKT$23.48$419.76M17.85M OKT$4941.38K 4.21% FET$0.401$419.23M1.04B FET$112.84M 6.33%
104Convex Finance CVX$5.51$416.73M75.62M CVX$7261.70K 3.73%
105Enjin Coin ENJ$0.412$410.11M1.00B ENJ$52.93M 3.28%
106Rocket Pool ETH RETH$1,893.66$407.76M215.08K RETH$2757.86K 2.4%
107NEXO NEXO$0.712$400.53M560.00M NEXO$22.43M 10.17%
108Casper Network CSPR$0.0366$397.17M10.84B CSPR$8713.69K 3.24%
109DeFiChain DFI$0.586$396.24M676.79M DFI$12.72M 1.41%
110Gemini Dollar GUSD$1.01$395.10M392.86M GUSD$14.59M 0.51%
111dYdX DYDX$2.55$388.19M152.32M DYDX$228.07M 9.24%
112BTSE Token BTSE$2.34$387.23M162.06M BTSE$1005.11K 1.31%
113Zcash ZEC$34.85$384.54M11.04M ZEC$46.18M 5.65%
114FLOKI FLOKI$0.0000392300$383.48M9.78T FLOKI$46.18M 0.39%
115Magic MAGIC$1.77$376.78M212.27M MAGIC$186.66M 5.3%
116cDAI CDAI$0.0223$374.50M16.80B CDAI$2,586 0.02%
117Basic Attention BAT$0.252$374.26M1.48B BAT$37.68M 2.02%
118Flare FLR$0.0306$364.33M11.88B FLR$8691.66K 1.67%
119EthereumPoW ETHW$3.36$362.01M107.82M ETHW$8961.85K 3.08%
120WEMIX WEMIX$1.46$358.00M245.04M WEMIX$8009.51K 9.2%
121Ethereum Name Service ENS$13.86$356.95M25.78M ENS$61.79M 5%
122NEM XEM$0.0395$355.88M9.00B XEM$15.16M 4.83%
123Baby Doge Coin BABYDOGE$0.0000000023$354.67M156,124.86T BABYDOGE$6317.89K 3.13%
124Qtum QTUM$3.35$349.44M104.58M QTUM$78.66M 0.44%
125Nexus Mutual NXM$50.99$344.71M6760.84K NXM$13,521 1.44%
126WOO Network WOO$0.205$343.69M1.67B WOO$30.62M 8.73%
127Theta Fuel TFUEL$0.0556$337.00M6.07B TFUEL$11.66M 2.22%
128Terra LUNA$1.42$336.32M237.26M LUNA$40.35M 3.84%
129GALA GALA$0.0443$333.81M7.54B GALA$350.20M 6.06%
130Injective INJ$4.07$325.60M80.01M INJ$42.43M 8.07%
131Holo HOT$0.001825$323.37M177.62B HOT$21.96M 4.26%
132Ravencoin RVN$0.0271$322.02M11.91B RVN$19.06M 2.74%
133Gains Farm GFARM2$8,874.66$318.01M35,833 GFARM2$1,443 4.06%
134Celo CELO$0.651$317.18M491.53M CELO$26.05M 2.57%
135Access Protocol ACS$0.0107$317.00M29.75B ACS$16.80M 1.1%
136Kusama KSM$34.67$311.61M8980.10K KSM$27.84M 6.03%
137Aleph Zero AZERO$1.41$309.60M218.96M AZERO$2525.10K 4.45%
138Oasis Network ROSE$0.0607$304.95M5.03B ROSE$56.32M 4.26%
139Compound COMP$44.33$304.29M6856.09K COMP$24.52M 4.78%
140Decred DCR$20.30$300.51M14.82M DCR$1974.60K 4.31%
141OMG Network OMG$2.11$300.01M140.25M OMG$371.34M 1.46%
142Bitcoin Gold BTG$17.01$297.23M17.51M BTG$9.99M 1.72%
143Kaspa KAS$0.0168$294.48M17.40B KAS$4466.49K 2.33%
144Astar ASTR$0.0669$292.13M4.36B ASTR$11.30M 5.68%
145Gnosis GNO$110.47$286.16M2589.59K GNO$2894.48K 3.57%
146Olympus OHM$10.28$285.80M27.77M OHM$946.94K 1.45% YFI$8,723.38$285.04M32,777 YFI$59.23M 1.68%
148Ankr Network ANKR$0.0348$284.53M8.16B ANKR$48.21M 4.61%
149Audius AUDIO$0.286$283.88M0.99B AUDIO$25.38M 5.31%
150Beldex BDX$0.0547$283.69M5.20B BDX$2309.54K 0.91%
152Bone ShibaSwap BONE$1.21$278.32M229.92M BONE$5760.77K 2.27%
153SafeMoon [OLD] SAFEMOON$0.0000000070$277.80M0 SAFEMOON$0 0.86%
154STEPN GMT$0.427$269.06M630.20M GMT$131.85M 5.49%
155Balancer BAL$6.63$265.98M40.07M BAL$4329.26K 2.1%
156SSV Network SSV$37.49$265.62M7085.67K SSV$33.15M 4.78%
157Liquity USD LUSD$1.02$265.28M260.62M LUSD$6350.69K 0.16%
158Chia XCH$38.17$260.46M6814.79K XCH$7045.56K 2.91%
159Harmony ONE$0.0207$254.72M12.31B ONE$36.08M 6.32%
160Golem GLM$0.254$254.63M1.00B GLM$9.38M 0.17%
161Astrafer ASTRAFER$1.62$254.28M156.49M ASTRAFER$48,554 3.66%
162Convex CRV CVXCRV$0.874$254.18M290.74M CVXCRV$782.26K 7.37%
163Huobi BTC HBTC$28,164.00$253.51M8,969 HBTC$115.32K 0.03%
164Blox CDT$0.377$252.81M674.58M CDT$137.73K 12.38%
165Gains Network GNS$8.23$250.66M30.44M GNS$31.01M 10.18%
166JUST JST$0.0272$241.90M8.90B JST$29.27M 2.18%
167DAO Maker DAO$1.61$240.32M149.32M DAO$2213.91K 6.91%
168IoTeX IOTX$0.0254$240.25M9.45B IOTX$13.99M 3.53%
169Moonbeam GLMR$0.398$238.50M598.88M GLMR$12.36M 6.29%
170Blur BLUR$0.565$234.21M414.49M BLUR$95.66M 4.25%
171NuCypher NU$0.179$232.45M1.30B NU$6621.81K 2.95%
172JasmyCoin JASMY$0.004850$231.12M47.57B JASMY$73.90M 4.18%
173Kadena KDA$1.03$230.89M223.93M KDA$10.08M 2.69%
174ECOMI OMI$0.00085070$230.55M270.88B OMI$947.11K 1.38%
175Amp AMP$0.004070$229.02M56.13B AMP$6781.89K 3.07%
176Escoin ELG$2.85$228.75M0 ELG$1561.72K 0.31%
177Sushi SUSHI$1.18$227.08M192.79M SUSHI$51.46M 4.77%
178Waves WAVES$2.23$223.01M100.00M WAVES$41.25M 5.4%
179Euro Tether EURT$1.08$222.51M206.00M EURT$2307.57K 1.41%
180TerraClassicUSD USTC$0.0227$221.94M9.80B USTC$13.47M 4.12%
181Band Protocol BAND$1.75$216.80M123.84M BAND$25.60M 5.08%
182Siacoin SC$0.004204$216.45M51.48B SC$8335.28K 2.31%
183Frax Ether FRXETH$1,770.71$214.94M121.29K FRXETH$2290.53K 2.26%
184ICON ICX$0.223$212.16M0.95B ICX$15.83M 3%
185Bolide BLID$0.0338$211.03M6.24B BLID$196.93K 42.94%
186Ontology ONT$0.237$209.34M884.58M ONT$25.99M 4.36%
187MX MX$2.05$204.42M100.00M MX$531.19K 1.61%
188Biconomy BICO$0.406$204.38M502.79M BICO$5085.08K 2.06%
1890x ZRX$0.241$204.03M847.50M ZRX$23.91M 2.5%
190Liquity LQTY$2.22$204.02M91.43M LQTY$117.40M 9.91%
191IOST IOST$0.0109$203.66M18.71B IOST$25.83M 3.85%
192Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged (BTC.b) BTC.B$28,328.00$197.38M6,974 BTC.B$3548.28K 0.63%
193Synapse SYN$1.03$195.65M190.12M SYN$19.62M 5.61%
194Dogelon Mars ELON$0.0000003527$194.07M549.65T ELON$2507.24K 4.32%
195Multichain MULTI$9.87$191.16M19.36M MULTI$1439.80K 3.12%
196Alchemy Pay ACH$0.0382$189.10M4.94B ACH$87.28M 8.95%
197Helium HNT$1.32$185.97M140.64M HNT$14.56M 14.76%
198Ecoin ECOIN$0.00040363$185.96M461.12B ECOIN$1 0.09%
199Flux FLUX$0.632$185.62M293.59M FLUX$8373.09K 3.87%
200Bitgert BRISE$0.0000004673$184.87M395.69T BRISE$1594.54K 3.14%

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